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Montisol Custom Cabinetry for now is a one man operation! Growing up I worked in this industry building cabinets during the summers as a teenager. I branched out to work in other industries once I graduated but I always kept up carpentry as a hobby in my free time! After a few years I was commissioned to make a desk and the end result was nowhere near the quality that I wanted it to be and with that job came the realization that I would not be as capable a carpenter as I knew I could be unless I did this full time. So I quit my job and went back to work in a cabinet shop at the bottom and worked my way up to become competent in every area of the shop possible. 6 years later here I am today fully qualified and established to run my own business! During those years were a lot of long days and long weeks to make sure the quality is right and I will work as diligently on your project as well. With Montisol Custom Cabinetry you don't get someone running a business in construction simply for an investment I do this because I love doing it. That passion is what drives me to make sure every detail is exactly as it should be and that we use the highest quality materials possible at every turn. I have and will work long days and weeks to make sure my product is something I am proud to have my name associated with. No cutting corners in this shop!


Tyson did a custom cabinet installation for me and was an absolute pleasure to work with. He was so considerate and flexible on timing since my wife and I were trying to squeeze a kitchen remodel in before having a kid. His work was fantastic and he quite skillfully and professionally worked through the inevitable wrinkles in the cabinet designs from the fabricator. Can’t wait to have Tyson do some custom work for us in the future. Thanks!


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